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Rose Quartz Purifying Glass Water Bottle
Rose Quartz Purifying Glass Water Bottle
Rose Quartz Purifying Glass Water Bottle
Rose Quartz Purifying Glass Water Bottle

Rose Quartz Purifying Glass Water Bottle

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Keep on top of your daily water intake and gain new energy and a feeling of happiness.

Constantly thinking about staying hydrated can be a superhuman task. The Crystallove Bottle Clean Quartz glass water bottle placed on your work desk will be a silent reminder. This bottle with a crystal is perfect for the preparation of a so-called crystal elixir – water with a submerged crystal. According to alternative medicine, the clear crystal is the king of crystals, having potentially beneficial effects on bacterial infections. The modern bottle with an ergonomic design will refresh both your mind and body.

Properties of Clear Quartz:

  • the most powerful cleansing stone, removes energy blockages from all chakras
  • has a positive effect on the skin and the entire organism, eliminates toxins
  • improves mental, spiritual and emotional development
  • brings energy, balance, peace, harmony and good luck
  • suitable for all zodiac signs

Materials and size:

  • borosilicate glass, stainless steel
  • size: 6.5cm × 26.5cm
  • volume: 550 ml
  • clear quartz – 100% natural stone, no colourants or synthetic ingredients
  • the bottle comes with a black protective case

How to use:
Clean the clear quartz under running water. Fill the Crystallove Bottle with clean, filtered water and leave for 20 minutes. Then hold the bottle in your hands and concentrate on what desired outcomes the crystal elixir can help you with. Image your thoughts entering the crystal, as precious energy from the crystal is passed into the water.

Notino tip:
We recommend cleaning the bottle once every few weeks and recharging the crystal by placing it in the sun or moonlight.

Please note:
Do not place the bottle in the freezer, as the crystal and glass casing can become damaged.


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Rose Quartz Purifying Glass Water Bottle


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