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Pink Puriskin Cleanser

Pink Puriskin Cleanser

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A hydrating non-occlusive pore-purifying cleanser formulated for highly sensitive skin with the benefit of silica-rich, anti-inflammatory cucumber and naturally humectant glycerin to draw out deep seated impurities while improving skin surface barrier protection.

Designed for long term daily use.


A refreshingly light and hydrating texture that glides on easily and swiftly dissolves surface grime, dirt and impurities.

Without any discernable scent to excaberate any areas of irritation


Highly Sensitive or traumatised skin.
for skin in a condition where the slightest sensation can cause discomfort and pain Puriskin Formula Cleanse provides gently cleansing without any scent or irritation associated with harsher cleansers.

Complexions susceptible to heat, irritation, itching
& Soreness, redness and inflammation

Provides rapid relief from irritation - typically on contact.

Dermatitis conditions - with flakiness, redness, scaly patches.

Scars on sensitive skin - both newly formed as well as old scar tissue.
acne scars, wound scars, surgical scars and keloids.

Razor bumps on sensitive skin