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Opulence: Diamante Pocket Fur Jacket
Opulence: Diamante Pocket Fur Jacket

Opulence: Diamante Pocket Fur Jacket

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Step into the epitome of luxury and extravagance with the illustrious diamanté pocket fur jacket. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this opulent masterpiece is a testament to refined elegance and unmatched sophistication. The sumptuous fur envelops you in unparalleled warmth, creating a cocoon of indulgence that is both ethereal and inviting. The shimmering diamanté accents delicately embellish the pockets, adding a touch of sheer glamour and enhancing the jacket's timeless allure. As you grace any occasion, heads will turn, and eyes will not be able to tear away from this mesmerizing garment that exudes an air of regal charm. Impeccably tailored, this jacket caresses your silhouette, effortlessly accentuating your curves and ensuring a flattering fit. Its versatile design allows for seamless integration into any ensemble, whether it be a formal affair or a casual day out. Exude confidence and emanate a sense of savoir-faire as the diamanté pocket fur jacket becomes your statement piece, elevating your style to astonishing heights. Experience the extraordinary and revel in the luxurious embrace of this divine masterpiece, for it is a symbol of prestige and an epitome of fashion's finest.


S/M - 10/12

M/L - 14/16


Model Size: 16

Model Height: 5´8

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Opulence: Diamante Pocket Fur Jacket


M/L - 14/16
  • S/M - 10/12
  • M/L - 14/16

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